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Dev Journal 4/29/13

Ugh!  So here’s my confession.  I’ve never made a game or program that has anything beyond the most trivial gui systems.  I’m using a gui library (SFGUI), which clearly helps, but still, I never realized how annoying this stuff could

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Battle Screenshot #1

As you can see, the artwork leaves something to be desired to be sure. Of course, almost nothing seen here is final… though I’m somewhat fond of the little bat I made… 🙂

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Dev Journal 4/23/13

Greetings again! Well, its been almost a week since my last update.  Progress has been slow but I think I’m moving in a good direction.  The Battle screen has had a ton of functionality put into it, and I can

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Some Random Updates

First thing’s first.  I continued coding for a good part of the day today.  It was some slow going but progress was made.  I also just took some time to mess around a little bit with wordpress… There are now

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Dev Journal 4/16/13

The coding continues!  I think rather than explain what I’ve done in any great detail, I’ll post updates to this list over the next several days: Done: Battle_Unit base class implemented Basic functions for movement on the map implemented and

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Dev Journal 4/15/13

Greetings, haven’t posted on here in a few days.  I didn’t have as much time to work on things over the weekend as I would have hoped.  My next goal was supposed to be focusing solely on getting a playable

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First actual Screenshot

Well here’s the first screenshot I felt like putting up. As you can see, its simply the world map with some points of interest strewn about. Though you can’t see it, those points are clickable and open either a generic

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