Introductions and Beginnings

Greetings Internet,

My name is Charlie Griffith and I am the lead developer for Infinity Elephant Interactive.  I have been a gamer all my life and have dabbled in programming for a decade or more.  I never pursued it seriously, though, and I intent to change that.  I have a number of small hobby projects under my belt, and have set about creating a commercially viable game, which I am tentatively calling “A Twisting Path”.

I have chosen to start this wordpress page because after a month or so of hard work I have a design document, and the beginning structure of the code one which this game will be based.  In the coming weeks, I hope to add background information on the game and its world as well as screenshots of the work in progress.

I have set one major, initial milestone for our team, and that is to have a playable demo to submit to the Intel Level Up 2013 Game Demo Challenge.  That gives us until June 6th to get something playable going and I think we can do it!

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