Dev Journal 4/16/13

The coding continues!  I think rather than explain what I’ve done in any great detail, I’ll post updates to this list over the next several days:


  • Battle_Unit base class implemented
  • Basic functions for movement on the map implemented and working
  • Basic attacking and defending *should* work, but we’ll see.

To Do:

  • Put in graphical HP bars.
  • Take user input to initiate attacks.
  • Define “death” functionality to remove units.
  • Define “active” unit, allow only it to act.
  • Implement turns, ending of turn, starting new turn, etc.
  • Implement turn order based on initiative of characters.

Once I get all that stuff in, I’ll have a working battle.  I’ve planned out most of it, but in as much detail as I should have in some cases.  I’m not sure the implementation I have in mind for determining and displaying turn order is going to work the way I had hoped, but we’ll see.

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