Dev Journal 4/23/13

Greetings again!

Well, its been almost a week since my last update.  Progress has been slow but I think I’m moving in a good direction.  The Battle screen has had a ton of functionality put into it, and I can kinda sorta actually play a battle!  There’s no AI yet, which I probably won’t implement just yet, and movement is completely unrestricted at this time.  But on the plus side, units can move around and attack one another.  There is an HP display up and working as well, though its not a proper hp bar yet, just text, but I’ll figure that out soon enough.

Things can’t die yet, but that’s my goal for today.  I’ve also started to give some thought to how I want the finished control scheme to work.  So far, whenever I implement some new functionality, I pretty much just assign it to a keyboard key that doesn’t have anything yet, and do my testing from there.  Of course, I imagine that in the final layout I’ll have both a menu button and a key to do most things anyway.


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