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Dev Journal 5/27/13

It’s been awhile!  Rest assured I’m still here and hard at work. Most of my progress lately has been on implementing a lot of the little things that had been adding up lately.  Here’s a recap: Camera centers on active

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Battle ScreenShot #2

Here’s the second screenshot from a battle. As you can clearly see, the engine now supports multiple characters and enemies. Everything works well, and my next goal is to get some gui stuff working.

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Town Screenshot #1

Hey Folks, it’s been a little while! I’ve mostly been working on the inner workings of the battle system, hence the slow site activity (there really isn’t anything to show yet).  But I have a first draft of what the

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Dev Journal 5/3/13

Well hello again dear readers, I’m in good spirits this morning, as I finished doing a fair bit of refactoring of my code-base.  Everything is in pretty much the same shape it was in 3 days ago outwardly, but now

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