Dev Journal 5/3/13

Well hello again dear readers,

I’m in good spirits this morning, as I finished doing a fair bit of refactoring of my code-base.  Everything is in pretty much the same shape it was in 3 days ago outwardly, but now I have a much clearer path as to where to go from here regarding my game code.  This project is proving extremely challenging, but I continue to be dedicated, determined, and stubbornly insistent on seeing it through.  I have just over a month until my first deadline, and I am excited to see where my chosen path leads from here.

On a more concrete note, Shannon has done a lot more work on our tiles, so before too long I should be posting some screenshots of a much improved battle map.  I’ve also created the artwork for a few of the interface elements I’m going to need in the near future, and my next big push is going to be getting the gui and some of the status screens up and running.  From there I’ll be getting into adding some functionality to the Town screen, and within a few weeks I hope to start adding dialogue and scripting.

I feel like the next week or two will prove to be make or break as far as getting a demo done on time goes.  There are two major components (dialogue/scripting engine and enemy AI routines) that I haven’t even touched yet.  If I can get a framework up by mid-May I will probably have enough time to tweak what I have enough to have something playable.  If not… well then maybe not.  But still, I’m hopeful!

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