Dev Journal 5/27/13

It’s been awhile!  Rest assured I’m still here and hard at work.

Most of my progress lately has been on implementing a lot of the little things that had been adding up lately.  Here’s a recap:

  • Camera centers on active unit by default
  • Camera scrolls smoothly (Rather than jumping)
  • Camera lock can be toggled
  • Implemented 2 actions per unit per turn
  • Movement and Attack were re-implemented in a better way (movement still unlimited)
  • Clickables on World map now “highlight” when they are moused over.
  • Turn order marker re-implemented

I’m sure there are some other little bits of things I’m forgetting, but that’s the gist of if.

I have a pretty significant design change I’m working on right now.  I’m trying to get it down on paper before I start coding it up.  I’ll keep you all informed!

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