Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Well, hello again everyone.

I have a couple of announcements about the game and where things are going.  One isn’t very good, but the other I’m very happy with.

Firstly… this probably goes without saying, but I don’t have anything I’m ready to submit to the Intel competition.  I’m disappointed about this because I was very firm with myself on using that as a deadline.  I have been spending nearly every waking hour I have when not at work working on this game, and its disappointing to have missed the first significant milestone I set for myself.  That said, it’s not the end of the world, and I have no interest in getting myself depressed over it.  The process goes on!

My second announcement, which I hinted at in my last Dev Journal, is that I’ve decided on a major redesign of the game as a whole.  I’m keeping the tactical combat aspects of the game, but that’s about it.  From here on out, I’m planning to create a big huge open world playground for players.  The world will start the game untouched and will evolve along with the player.  Here are some key points of my new design:

  • Players will start the game with next to nothing and will need to build everything they need, from tools and weapons, to buildings and roads.
  • Characters will have professions in which they advance.  Each profession will provide some capacity to change the world.
  • Players will be able to explore the world, find dungeons and loot, and shape it as they see fit.
  • Other villages and even civilizations will spring up.  The player may choose to coexist peacefully, or make war.
  • Players will be able to follow a non-linear exploration based narrative.  Who are you?  What is this world?  How did you get here?

I’ve decided to make these changes because it seems like a unique spin on the traditional RPG style of gameplay.  What I had been making was, at its core, a clone of many many other games I’ve played myself over the years.  I feel that this departure more accurately represents me and my desire to create something new and different.

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