Dev Journal 4/10/14

Hello and welcome.  It’s been well over six months since my last update.

Well here we are again.  Since I last posted I started the project over from scratch in Unity.  I felt a little odd and awkward posting about redoing all the thing’s that I had already done and I suppose that’s why I haven’t updated in so long.

That said, I am extremely excited about where I am and where the project is.  This past Monday I presented a very early prototype to the IGDA RI Chapter.  I got a reception that was generally very good and I got some useful feedback on where to go from here.  I have some decisions to make about the direction to go in terms of the art style.  It was suggested that I may want to scale down the graphics and go for a specific retro look.  I’m inclined to at least give that a try, my only hesitation is that I really want a pretty heavy focus on characterization, and being able to have characters with distinctive looks is very important to me.

I’m going to work towards fleshing out some of the mechanics that are currently in the game and get a demo ready that I can hand out to some people to do some playtesting, hopefully by early May.  Also, I fully intend to keep this page far more up to date than I have over the past months.  I’m also going to look into “going premium” with wordpress and getting some traffic here.  If you have any tips on that, let me know!

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4 comments on “Dev Journal 4/10/14
  1. Adriane Kuzminski says:

    Great presentation the other day! I really can’t get the game’s mechanics out of my head. It tapped into that part of my brain where I figure out the answers when I’m away from the problem. Only there was no problem, just a potentially addicting game. Please keep up the updates!

  2. ffxfiend says:

    I saw your presentation on Monday. I thought the progress you made was impressive and I’m looking forward to seeing more. If your looking for testers I’d love to help out.

    • plethora22 says:

      I’ll definitely get in touch about the testing. My immediate goal is to put together a genuine test build to pass out within the next couple weeks! 🙂

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