Dev Journal 4/24/14

What have I been working on you ask?  Well, not as much as I would’ve liked to be honest, but that doesn’t mean nothing!

I’ve set my next significant goal to be the implementation of at least a basic experience/leveling system.  To this point, a lot of that work has gone behind the scenes in a way that isn’t going to be showable in screenshots.  I’ve devised a system for implementing perks and I’m hashing out how the UI will work regarding skill points and such.  There is a status window in the game and if you were to look at that screenshot you would see a panel for stats, a panel for a portrait (currently occupied by the character art), and a big empty panel at the bottom which will soon be used for skill point info.  I’m considering two options:  A)  Have the skillpoint grid present with all options selectable right in the status window, or B) Provide info about already selected perks and add a button to open a new more detailed window where you would actually do the selecting.  I’m open to suggestions.

Also as shown in my screenshots I threw in a text box during battle.  It’s meant only as a placeholder so I don’t want to go nuts about it, but in anticipation of my first round of playtesting I thought it worthwhile to put in.  There are a lot of mechanics that are in the game and working but do not yet have any visual cues.  There are status effects (there’s like 5 or 6 that are in and working with more to come), but the user has no way of knowing or seeing when they proc, or if they are still active.  The eventually goal would be to have tooltips and graphical effects showing it, but for now the text box will have to do.  It is toggle-able, so the user can easily just pop it open to see if anything of note happened and then hide it again.

As always, let me know what you think!

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