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Dev Journal 5/21/14

After a lot of frustration and hand wringing I finished a complete redesign of the way I handle skill usage and spell casting. The two are now essentially consolidated, and I have a general use and easily extendable targeting system

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Test Build… My Thoughts…

Well, I finally took the plunge.  I sent out a test build of my game to a handful of people who expressed an interest in helping me with it.  This is the very first time I’ve given out a non-trivial

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Big News! Artist Aquired!

So I’m excited to announce that I have been working with an old friend of mine from days gone by.  Jeff Hibbert has been working on some very good sprites for me, two of which can be seen clearly in

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Road Map to the Future.

I’d like to take this opportunity to layout a road map for where I picture the game going in the near future.  As opposed to the very specific stuff I tend to get into in my Dev Journals, this is

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