Dev Journal 5/21/14

After a lot of frustration and hand wringing I finished a complete redesign of the way I handle skill usage and spell casting. The two are now essentially consolidated, and I have a general use and easily extendable targeting system to go with it!

It’s been awhile since I did one of these, what else has changed?

-Spells themselves now gain experience and the player can select perks for them.
-There are menus to allow both of those functions to happen.
-The world map now has continuous movement rather than the very bad tile by tile system from before.
-Improved monster pathfinding to some extent.
-Many additional monster and creature sprites!

As I push forward I’ll be focusing heavily on polishing up the systems in the game. In terms of additions the only areas I will be touching is adding some new skills and some new spells as well as a way to aquire them besides simply starting with them.

Other than that, I will be working on some icons, control scheme issues, and a very basic in game menu to show what keys do what. The goal is the make the UI a lot more friendly and easy for a new player to figure out.

What do you think people?

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