The Spirit of the Game

In keeping up this website, I frequently talk about my progress.  I detail the day to day additions to Spellbook Tactics.  I talk about additional mechanics that have been added, graphical upgrades, new features, and I detail my plans for the game going forward.  All this is well and good, and I’ll keep doing it, but I’ve been missing something.

Why am I making this game?  I don’t mean why am I making A game, I mean this game.

The thing is, I played a lot of games once upon a time that I loved.  Games like Shining Force, Vandal Hearts, Master of Monsters, Brigandine, and many many more.  These were great games.  They were tactical strategy games, some were also RPGs, but not all.  There was a great deal of joy in getting to level up a wide range of characters, classes, and units.  Each character was unique, to some extent or another, and that was the beauty of it.  You could play through the game over and over again, focusing on one character or another each time through.  There may have been a story, but the replayability stretched far beyond that.

My goal here is to make a game in the spirit of those classics.  It’s something that I’ve been personally missing sorely.  I can only play Shining Force so many times after all (and believe me, I’ve played through it probably close to a hundred times).  This game is a big challenge for me.  It’s ambitious, and I know that.  This game coming to completion is going to take a long time, and I know that too.  But I’m making this because there’s a kind of game that I want to play that just isn’t there anymore.

I LOVE these games, and I’m doing this to recapture their spirit.

That is all.  🙂

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