Boston FIG Submission Complete!

I figured this is a good point to offer some updates on progress.  I just submitted official build number 0.03.1 for consideration to entry to the Boston Festival of Indie Games.  I set this as a goal for myself sometime last year, and I’m rather pleased that I was able to submit something that I’m not embarrassed to show.  Spellbook still, obviously, has a long way to go, but I’m very very pleased with the progress it is showing.  It’s nice to see some results for going about a week without really sleeping!  lol  Tons of credit to both Jeff and Shannon, who bother got me some additional art assets just in time to be included in the submission build.

So how’s the build look?  Well I didn’t quite get all the things I wanted to in, but isn’t that always the way?  I think most importantly, the help screen is in and complete for the current feature set.  There are tooltips for most if not all meaningful displays.  The HP bars are in and working and look rather nice if you ask me.  There is now music on every screen, and I added a number of sound effects as well as adjusted the playback so they aren’t all so damned soft, like they were.  The game is playable with an title screen, an introductory battle (that is meant to have a tutorial eventually), a world map (which is now a segment of the map I’m using for the full game map), and a random battle that can be triggered multiple times.  Units can gain experience as well as add skill points.  There are scrolls in the game which they player can find in order to add more spells to the spellbook.

Progress from here is likely going to be centered around drops, perks, and character development, followed by the first attempts at getting into the game’s narrative.  I’m getting closer to a feature complete build, which then leads straight into expanding the existing features to their necessary levels.  Spells are in and working, for example, but I need many many  more of them.  Same for units, drops, etc.

I’d love to hear your opinions if you’re reading this.  I’m also more than willing to share the current build!

With that I shall leave you for now.  Back to work!  🙂

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