Infinity Elephant Returns! Frozen Stars Announced!

After taking a hiatus mostly due to real life responsibilities as well as a bit of burnout, Infinity Elephant Games is back.  The most exciting news, to be sure, is the announcement of a new project.  Frozen Stars, a unique take on the shoot ’em up genre for android, has just begun development.  It’s purpose is to bring a relatively simple game all the way through development and to market.

Here’s a teaser screenshot:


Check out the dedicated Frozen Stars page here:  Frozen Stars


Unfortunately, this does mean that development for Spellbook Tactics is on hold.  I do want to stress my full intention to return to it though.  Spellbook Tactics is the game I have wanted to make for all of my life and that dream is not going to die anytime soon.  Unfortunately, without a real team I doubt I can bring my vision to life at this time.  But stay tuned!  Like I said, it will come back!


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