Help Wanted

Do you like the look of our project?  Is this something with which you might want to get involved?  Are you an aspiring developer with an interest in RPGs?  Let us know!  We would love to find additional team members to support the project going forward.  Programmers, artists, or musicians are all welcome, just see the following:

Programmers:  I’m working under Unity and using the 2D Toolkit to handle graphics.  I am likely to transition towards using the built in Unity 2D functionality in the near future.  Experience with Unity would be great, but anyone with an interest in programming and the willingness to learn is welcome to inquire.

Artists:  Shannon is hard at work revamping and recreating the art assets that I whipped up and sent her way.  She is very artistic and has amazing work to show for it, but has little experience with sprite art or graphic design, so she is learning on the fly.

Musicians:  I will eventually need music, that’s a fact.  I have a number of options to consider on this front, but if you’re interested in joining up as a full team member and want to make music for us, that would be amazing.

Anyone Else:  Anyone willing to help out in some other capacity is more than welcome to get in touch.  We can discuss our mutual skills and interests and see where you might fit in.


If you’re interested in joining the team, please email  Please include why you are interested, and what skills you can bring to the project.


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