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Frozen Stars Update 2/22/15

Who wants to see the beginnings of a UI???  That’s the most exciting part of a new game right? Jokes aside, I put in the basics of a UI yesterday.  The player now has limited actions and there is an

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Frozen Stars Update 2-18-15

I spend most of the day today messing around with Unity animations and I’m pretty pleased with how it all works.  I can now destroy ships just by touching them!  lol.  Perhaps that’s not the best game design, but its

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Frozen Stars Update

Only yesterday did I announce my newest project and I find I’ve already made some good progress.  I suppose this is the way development works though.  Progress fast at the beginning and slowly getting bogged down with minutia.  But hey,

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Dev Journal 6/4/14

Guess what.  My game has a beginning now.  There’s an introduction.  That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?  There’s dialogue, there’s a dialogue tree, and there is the capacity to easily add new conversations.  I’m pretty happy about this.  I wasn’t

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Dev Journal 5/21/14

After a lot of frustration and hand wringing I finished a complete redesign of the way I handle skill usage and spell casting. The two are now essentially consolidated, and I have a general use and easily extendable targeting system

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Dev Journal 4/24/14

What have I been working on you ask?  Well, not as much as I would’ve liked to be honest, but that doesn’t mean nothing! I’ve set my next significant goal to be the implementation of at least a basic experience/leveling

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Dev Journal 4/10/14

Hello and welcome.  It’s been well over six months since my last update. Well here we are again.  Since I last posted I started the project over from scratch in Unity.  I felt a little odd and awkward posting about

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