Spellbook Tactics

Infinity Elephant Interactive is pleased to bring you our very first game, “Spellbook Tactics”.  This page is your home for all the most up to date info on our inaugural release, including screenshots, media, and features.

We are dedicated to creating a game that captures the feel of some of our favorites from once upon a time, while at the same time including the breadth and player options that are commonplace nowadays.  The Village… will offer a wide variety of features involving Character Customization, World Building, and Narrative Development.  We are dedicated to creating an experience that is unique to each and every player.  We hold in high regard the ability of a player to tailor his/her own experience in the game world, and to play the game as he/she wishes to play it.

Please feel free to visit the sub-pages accessible via the menu on the top of this an all pages.

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