Character Development

One of the primary points of interest in our game is giving the player the ability to develop their characters as they see fit.  Each character the player is able to recruit to their side will have many different paths along which they can develop.  Our system is built around the idea that each character should have distinctive qualities that set them apart, while at the same time offering a number of alternatives when it comes to developing over time.

Set Statistics – One of the ways our game is different than the norm is that characters have four statistics that will not change over time.  These statistics are Strength, Intelligence, Agility and Cleverness.  Each of these skills will govern certain aspects of a character’s abilities.  While some stats will be of more value to certain character types than others, we intend to make each of these stats valuable in some way to all characters.  A high strength will be more valuable to a warrior type than a wizard, but a wizard with high strength will be able to do things that a wizard with low strength cannot.  Having these sat statistics makes it possible to differentiate different characters at a base level while still allowing the player to choose different paths for different characters.

The Quadrant Skill System – The centerpiece around which we are basing our character development system is based on skill Quadrants.  A skill quadrant is a 3×3 grid containing skills related to a given area of expertise.  Quadrants will include areas such as Thievery, Survival, Arcane Magic, Weaponry, etc.  Each character will have a selection of four quadrants in which they can advance.  There will be a total of approximately 8 different quadrants, and each character will get a different selection of 4 of them.  Thus, even though there are only 8 different quadrants, there are many different combinations.

A “Weak” Class System – What this means, is that rather than selecting a class, and then having skills available to you based on that class, you instead advance in the various skills available to you.  You then unlock various classes to choose from based on those skills.  For example, if a character spends 2 points in sword, 2 more in shield, and 1 in healing, that character may unlock the Paladin class.  Choosing to be a Paladin would confer bonuses to improve the skills in which a Paladin excels.

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