State of the Game

This page will be periodically updated with the early version of “patch notes”.  I’ll be keeping a log of what has been added to the game and what I’m going to be working on going forward.  Comments welcome!

Latest Update 4/24/14:

In the Game:

-Battle messages text window is in.

-Status Screen is in, beginning work on perks and skill points done.

– Battles can be played and won.  Experience and loot are awarded at the end of a battle.

– There are 4 different usable skills (Basic Attack, Fireball, Absorb, Vampire Bite) in the game and working correctly.  There is also a template to add all sorts of single target skills to the game without too much problem.

– Effects are in and working.  Currently units can be burned or weakened with or without a duration.  It will be relatively easy to add other stat  based effects.

– Triggers are in, battles can be started by entering a triggered tile.

– Chests are in and working and add things to the player’s inventory.

– Targeting works reasonably well for single targets.

– Some menus in, including a character status window, a spellcast window, a skillbar and some stat windows.

Next Up:

– Improve the interface across the board.  Make the player aware of everything going on. (Partially dealt with for now)

– Work out a targeting system for multiple targets.

– Work out a good method to target tiles as opposed to Units.

– Create experience systems such that spells gain levels as planned (followed by the ability to distribute skill points).

– As inspiration strikes and time permits, I’ll be adding new skills to the game.

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