We intend to offer a wide range of features to the player.  Here are just a few of the final game mechanics.


  • Character Customization – As an SRPG, you will be commanding an army of unique individual characters.  No two characters are the same, and each will have a unique skill grid with which you can guide advancement.  Furthermore, each character will be able to choose a class from a total of about 40 different class options, each with a unique set of new bonuses and abilities.
  • Town Growth and Advancement – One big focus of our game is the ability to begin the game in a small village made up of only several townspeople and characters.  Over the course of the game you will attract new townspeople, each with their own skills, to grow your town from a village, to a city, and finally to the capital of a great nation.
  • Dungeon Delving – The landscape is a vast and mysterious place.  During your travels, you will encounter hidden places full of unique and varied challenges.  These dungeons will offer great rewards to those who can survive their perils.  Dungeon Exploration will play out differently than the battles SRPG veterans are used to, and will include such elements as fog of war, traps, and hidden treasures, all of which play out over several “floors”.
  • Campaigning – While many of the battles in the game will be standalone, we will also be including a element we call campaigning.  Campaigns represent a series of battles that take place in sequence with only minimal opportunity to recover between battles.  While these battles will likely be among the hardest things to do in our game, we intend to make the rewards well worth the effort.
  • Much More, Stay Tuned – While we are drawing a great deal of inspiration from many different games, we are committed to creating a new experience in gaming.
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